Because these days, everything's a joke. Isn't it?

The Suicide - 
A Comedy

by Nicolai Erdman

directed by Suzanne Agins

Given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic and calls for "social distancing," we don't feel like it would be socially or morally responsible to present The Suicide: A Comedy on March 21 in a traditional Upstarts format. As much as we'll miss seeing our Upstart Creatures community -- at a time like this more than ever -- your health and safety must come first.

The Upstart Creatures are lucky -- even if we have to reschedule this event, it won't affect the health of our organization. So many arts organizations are in much more difficult positions, and as lovers and patrons of the arts, if you can do without the reimbursement for a ticket purchased for another event that needs to be canceled or postponed, please consider it as a donation to that not-for-profit, many of which will spent months if not years recovering from this lost revenue.


And most of all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Paul Bernardo
Matt Boston

Carla Briscoe

Erick Gonzalez
Carol Halstead

Logan Kovach

Linda Larson

Roya Shanks

Eugenio Vargas

Alison Walls

Gabra Zackman

and a gourmet meal

lovingly prepared by the Upstart Creatures


The Upstart Creatures are: Suzanne Agins & Michael Barakiva (Artistic Directors), Stephen Bel Davies, Paul Bernardo, Ariel Neema Blake, Carla Briscoe, Aren Carpenter, Suzanne Chesney, Gisela Chípe, Curzon Dobell, Autumn Dornfeld, Emilee Dupré, Hillel Friedman (Company Manager), Callan Gies, Erick Gonzalez, Adam Grosswirth (Managing Director), Carol Halstead, Brough Hansen, Patrick Harnett-Marshall, Logan Kovach, David Larsen, Linda Larson, Abby Royle, Roya Shanks, Eugenio Vargas, Alison Walls, Jay Yriberry, Gabra Zackman (Community Partnerships Director).

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Midtown Station

New York, NY 10018