Because what could be timelier than a prostitute bringing down the most powerful political man of her time?

The Prostitute Play

a staged reading of a new play

by Kate Hamill

directed by Michael Barakiva


Friday, September 14 & Saturday, September 15

6:00 PM

Metro Baptist Church

410 West 40th Street



Stephen Bel Davies

Paul Bernardo*

Ariel Neema Blake

Nilanjana Bose-Ciupinska*

Craig Wesley Divino*

Erick Gonzalez*

Linda Marie Larson*

Joan Valentina*

Alison Walls

Gabra Zackman*

Costume Designer

Heather Carey

Scenic Designer

Lindsay Fuori

Stage Manager

Emily Paige Ballou*

*member Actors Equity Association

An Equity Approved Showcase

and a gourmet meal

lovingly prepared by the Upstart Creatures


Kiss of Mint Pea Soup



The Duke’s Massive Beef Wellington

(vegetarian: Mushroom en Croute)


Pocket Rocket Salad



Stormy Daniels’ Spotted Dick
(actually Black and White Bread Pudding, but anything for a joke)

Based loosely on a true story, The Prostitute Play follows the exploits of Harriet Wilson, called the “Queen of Tarts”- England’s most popular courtesan of the 19th century. 

For decades, English society has been ruled by the demi-monde, the world of high-class prostitutes and their noble patrons. But times are changing, and Harriet wants to stay ahead of the pack – even if she has to take on the most powerful man in England to get her due. Full of blackmail, intrigue, dark humor, sexuality, and anti-heroes, The Prostitute Play has been described as “naughty Ibsen”.

Paul Bernardo, Erick Gonzalez & Craig Wesley Divino

Alison Walls & Gabra Zackman

Gabra Zackman & Paul Bernardo

Artistic Directors Michael Barakiva & Suzie Agins

Linda Marie Larson

Our beautiful audience

Linda Marie Larson, Stephen Bel Davies, Joan Valentina, Ariel Neema Blake, Nilanjana Bose-Ciupinska, Gabra Zackman

Beef Wellington & Arugula Salad

Gabra Zackman & Alison Walls

The Upstart Creatures are: Suzanne Agins & Michael Barakiva (Artistic Directors), Stephen Bel Davies, Paul Bernardo, Ariel Neema Blake, Carla Briscoe, Aren Carpenter, Suzanne Chesney, Gisela Chípe, Curzon Dobell, Autumn Dornfeld, Emilee Dupré, Hillel Friedman (Company Manager), Callan Gies, Erick Gonzalez, Adam Grosswirth (Managing Director), Carol Halstead, Brough Hansen, Patrick Harnett-Marshall, Logan Kovach, David Larsen, Linda Larson, Abby Royle, Roya Shanks, Eugenio Vargas, Alison Walls, Jay Yriberry, Gabra Zackman (Community Partnerships Director).

PO Box 631

Midtown Station

New York, NY 10018