First Meal – Full Tea


Savory Course: A Sampling of the following sandwiches:


Dr. Quinn’s Cucumber Delight (Vegetarian)

English cucumber dolloped with house-made wasabi cream cheese, garnished with a grape tomato.  Named in honor of Cherub and Honorary Upstart Dr. David Quinn.


Tears Such Angels Weep (Vegetarian)

Crostini covered with goat cheese ricotta punctuated black olive tapenade.  


McDonald’s McMilton (Vegetarian)

Eggs salad sandwich with roasted red peppers on white bread. Named in honor of Cherubim and Honorary Upstart K. Ann McDonald.  


Smoking Johnny Jon

Pumpernickel, cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich.


Adam’s Coq 

Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich on seeded bread with apples and cashews.


Sweet Course:  A Sampling of the following desserts:


Fruit of Knowledge Upside Down Cake  

Browned apples baked into a syrupy brown sugar cake.


Sin Squared 

Dark chocolate cacao brownies.


Divine Thumbprints

Assorted jam cookies.


Anonymous Morsels

Lemon & poppy seed scones, named in honor of our many generous anonymous donors.


Demon’s Darts

Blueberry, blackberry and strawberry picks garnished with fresh mint leaves.


Second Meal – The Banquet



Abel’s Sacrifice (Meat)

Whole pig, roasted and carved.


Cain’s Sacrifice (Vegan)

Chickpea & sweet potato stew simmered in Morrocan spices. 



Celestial Bounty w/Fruit of Woe (Vegan)

Fluffy quinoa tossed with unsweetened coconut, chopped almonds, fresh ginger and diced apples.



Shaved Paradise (Vegan)

Brussels Sprouts sliced and tossed with roasted chestnuts and currants, drenched in an apple cider vinegar reduction.



Angel’s Offering (Vegetarian)

Romaine and arugula, clementine slices, toasted pecans and Greek feta dressed in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.   

Paradise Lost

by John Milton

Adapted for the stage by Michael Barakiva and the Upstart Creatures


Franca Sofia Barchiesi

Michelle Beck

Paul Bernardo

Kersti Bryan

Lauren Coppola

Stephen Bel Davies

Curzon Dobell

Estefania Fadul

Mark Curtis Ferrando

Drew Foster

Lindsey Gates

Erick Gonzalez

Jake Green

Carol Halstead

Broughton Hansen

Kelly Hutchinson

Maggie Lacey
Linda Larson

Phil Mills

Rahaleh Nassri

David Scotchford

Roya Shanks

Eric Sutton

Alexandra Trow

Jason Bruffy – Associate Producer

Catherine Costanzo – Stage Manager

Aaron Poochigian - Scholarly Consultant

Suzanne Chesney – Costume Consultant

Shane Rettig – Music Arranger



Kersti Bryan: The Box Office Manager.

Lauren Coppola: Audience Outreach 

Stephen Bel Davies: Voice and Speech Coach.

Estafania Fadul: Assistant Director

Mark Curtis Ferrando: Web builder & digital media manager

Carol Halstead: Mistress of Tea 

Linda Marie Larson: Bread Broad, Rentals Coordinator

Rahaleh Nassri: Entrepreneur-at-Large

David Scotchford: Promo Video Choreographer, Kitchen Master 

Roya Shanks: Menu Consultant

Eric Sutton: Chair of Literature and Design Committee 

Alex Trow: Master Baker and Milton Lover

Lindsey Gates: Sommelier 

Brian Wiles: Tech Master

Gene Gillette: Tech Master

Jennifer Joan Thompson: Cook



Special Thanks:

Paradise Lost was developed in part during a residency at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Conference in January, 2013.

May 4, 2013