Last November, the Upstart Creatures held our first annual gala. We thought it would be fun to take a lighthearted approach to the next day's presidential election.


Oops!...We Did It Again:

Regrets and Apologies

our 2nd annual gala


We're back to say we're sorry. And to raise money for our 2018 season, more sound improvements, more artist salaries, and more amazing feasts.


Enjoy a gourmet meal (we provide the wine this time!), scenes, songs, monologues, and fantastic auction items.


All of our other events are completely FREE to attend, thanks to the support of generous people just like you!

Help us feed bodies and souls for another year.


October 29 at 6:30pm

Metro Baptist Church

410 W 40th Street

Festive dress!


No Wall-ita Margarita

Persephone's Temptation Pomegranate Guacamole
Butternut Squashed Dreams Soup
Layers of Love Lasagna

Green With Envy Kale Ceviche
The Proof is in the (Mocha) Pudding


There's Gotta Be Something Better than This (Cy Coleman & Dorothy Fields)

Emilee Dupre, Carol Halstead & Gisela Chipe


Therapy (Jonathan Larson)

Stephen Bel Davies & Gisela Chipe


Alone (Maya Angelou)

Alison Walls


The Best Daddy (Shel Silverstein)

Paul Bernardo & Abby Royle


Oops...I Did It Again (Britney Spears)

Cecilia Stearman & The Upstart Creatures

Dear Abby (John Prine)

Paul Bernardo, Carla Briscoe & Gabra Zackman

Melancholy Play (Sarah Ruhl)

Stephen Bel Davies & Roya Shanks


The No Frills Revue (Thomas Meehan)

Gabra Zackman


Thelma and Louise (Callie Khoury)

Abby Royle & Carla Briscoe

What I Did for Love (Marvin Hamlisch & Edward Kleban)

Emilee Dupre & The Upstart Creatures