An Enemy of the People

by Arthur Miller

adapted from Henrik Ibsen's play

directed by Michael Barakiva

September 23-24, 2017

6:00 PM

Metro Baptist Church

410 West 40th Street

A small town is enjoying new prosperity due to mineral springs, but Dr. Stockman has just discovered the water is poisoned.  When she tries to do the right thing, her friends, associates, and even her family turn on her.  Which will win: the truth?  Or the majority?  How can a lone voice of reason hold out in a community desperate for gain?  


Paul Bernardo*

Curzon Dobell*

Emilee Dupré*

Carol Halstead*
Jimmy Kenna

Abby Royle*

Roya Shanks*
Austin Spero

Jennifer Joan Thompson

Joan Valentina*

Jennifer Van Dyck*

Gabra Zackman*

stage manager: Mackenzie Trowbridge*

*Member Actors' Equity Association, Equity Approved Showcase 



Norwegian Spinach Soup



Spring Greens with Beets and Potatoes



Gravlax Sandwich

Red Cabbage



Kvæfjordkake - Norway's National Cake

All lovingly prepared by the Upstart Creatures!

Artistic Directors Michael Barakiva and Suzanne Agins greet arriving audience members with a cup of soup

James Kenna, Gabra Zackman, Emilee Dupré, Paul Bernardo, Austin Spero, and our record-breaking audience

Curzon Dobell and Carol Halstead

Preparing the salad

Gabra Zackman and Carol Halstead

Roya Shanks, Jennifer Van Dyck, Carol Halstead, Jennifer Joan Thompson

Slicing the gravlax

James Kenna, Paul Bernardo, Joan Valentina, Carol Halstead, Roya Shanks, and Jennifer Van Dyck

Carol Halstead: An enemy of the people, a friend of meringue

Abby Royle, James Kenna, Austin Spero, Emilee Dupré, Joan Valentina, Jennifer Joan Thompson, and Roya Shanks

Artistic Director Michael Barakiva prepares the strawberries

Gabra Zackman, Carol Halstead, and our record-breaking audience

Jennifer Van Dyck, Carol Halstead, Joan Valentina, Emilee Dupré, and Gabra Zackman

Good work!

Happy cooking company members!