Because even a cartoon dustball is awfully threatening to some folks...

When the President's Special Council on Children and Child Welfare goes after a PBS show starring a cartoon dustball, everyone has to decide what they believe in.  Except for Lizzie Goldberg-Jones, the 11 year-old whose two dads are at the center of the controversy.  She's not confused at all.

Dusty and the
Big Bad World

by Cusi Cram

directed by Peter Kim


Sunday, July 30, 2017

6:00 PM

Metro Baptist Church

410 West 40th Street


Paul Bernardo, Laura Hankin, Amy Kersten, Linda Larson, Joan Valentina, and Allison Walls

With a multi-course meal lovingly
made by
The Upstart Creatures

Originally produced by Denver Theater Center in 2009.

The Upstart Creatures are: Suzanne Agins & Michael Barakiva (Artistic Directors), Stephen Bel Davies, Paul Bernardo, Ariel Neema Blake, Carla Briscoe, Aren Carpenter, Suzanne Chesney, Gisela Chípe, Curzon Dobell, Autumn Dornfeld, Emilee Dupré, Hillel Friedman (Company Manager), Callan Gies, Erick Gonzalez, Adam Grosswirth (Managing Director), Carol Halstead, Brough Hansen, Patrick Harnett-Marshall, Logan Kovach, David Larsen, Linda Larson, Abby Royle, Roya Shanks, Eugenio Vargas, Alison Walls, Jay Yriberry, Gabra Zackman (Community Partnerships Director).

PO Box 631

Midtown Station

New York, NY 10018